In the area of our agriturismo you can visit many different Umbrian and Tuscan places. One of the most important and famous is Lake Trasimeno, the largest lake of centre Italy.
It’s a true natural paradise home to wild ducks, cormorants, kites and kingfishers. Green rises from the vegetation and smoothly penetrates the blue of the sky and of the lake Trasimeno. These masterwork is the perfect representation of an enchanted place, still floating nowadays among history and legend.
The legend of the Trasimeno tells the story of the beautiful nymph Agilla and Prince Trasimeno, son of the god called Tirreno.
The prince Trasimeno traveled in the lands of central Italy, the ancient Etruria, when one day he reaches the lake’s shore, wide and with the banks covered with trees. He stops on the shore and, since the day was very hot, he decides to take a bath in the lake.
The nymph Agilla, who lives in the lake, sees it and is struck by the beauty of the young man; she decides to seduce him and with her singing she attracts him to the center of the lake.
The young prince was happy to follow her and as he moved in the water trying to reach Agilla but he forgot that he was not able to swim well and unfortunately drowns.
The legend tells that the body was never found and that the lake was called Trasimeno to remember the young prince’s name.
Even today, in the evenings of August, when a light breeze flies over the waters of the lake, it is said that one can hear the lament of the sad nymph Agilla, in search of her beautiful prince.