Agriturismo Malagronda is located on a 400m high hill from here you can enjoy a wonderful view of an the authentic Tuscan and Umbrian countryside, see amazing sunsets, the bell towers of Città della Pieve, and the Amiata and Cetona mountains.

The lovely villas of the country house are surrounded by lawns and trees and in the garden you can also see a cork tree that is very rare in the centre of Italy.

There is a large playground for children with slide and swings. Children and adults can also enjoy the ping pong table and the football court.

The lit swimming pool offers a panoramic view, where you can relax in the solarium or take some walks in the forest.

The Barbecue area is equipped with tables and chairs so you can grill local meats and taste the typical products of Umbria and Tuscany including some of the best local wines and world famous wines.

Malagronda belongs to the “protect the environment and energy resources programme”, we produce energy thanks to solar panels and recycle waste materials with your help.

An unforgettable and relaxing holiday between Umbria and Tuscany awaits you and we look forward to have you here!


The entire farmhouse is covered by Wi-Fi internet connection.
It is possible to connect to the internet in all apartments, around the swimming pool, in the garden and in the relaxation areas.


Malagronda is the name of the country house, which makes people immediately ask during their arrival “What does Malagronda mean?”

It is the name of the place where the house was built, one of the many hills that characterize the land between Umbria and Tuscany.


The etymology of the name can be looked for in two dialect words, difficult to understand outside of the dialect “mala” means difficult, not good and “gronda”means peak or tip, a place not easy to get to on foot at 400 mt. Named Mala-gronda perhaps also for its stony ground so not very fertile fields and suitable only for woods and olives – as it presents itself today.


The farmhouse, typical of Umbria, was built by the family Graziani in the first part of the 1800s, the houses and their lands for the workers were lived in until the most of the first half of the 1900s.


Today Malagronda is a beautiful country house, in a harmonious context with green lawns and trees where it is possible to have an unforgettable holiday in Umbria and relax in the countryside.

Its position will amaze you as soon as you arrive for your stay.

It’s difficult to imagine that once a upon a time water had to be collected outside the houses, you had to go to wells or springs. Light was provided by candles or oil lamps; the road was travelled on by carts or on foot.


Lifestyles were different from nowadays, pronounced natural rhythms of day and night and the different seasons that decide and determine the agricultural works to be done. When one ate the simple produce from the earth and animals were farmed. This way of living has its cultural roots in the Umbrian region, mainly an agricultural economy from which we get our traditional Umbrian food and wine.

We still continue to cultivate the same fields, producing extra virgin olive oil, pasta, chcikpeas, honey, barley and spelt.