Would you like to take a beautiful afternoon walk, eat an ice cream and see the sunset of Trasimeno area?
The perfect place is the beautiful village of Panicale, only few minutes far from our country house.

Panicale is situated on a hill, on the east slope of Mountain Petrarvella and because of its position it is called the “Terrace of the Trasimeno Lake”.
The sight over the lake is really magnificent and it it is not enough, from the other side of the village you can admire the valley that surrounds the Nestore river.

If you are athletic or you just like to take a walk in the nature you can climb to the peak of Mountain Petrarvella from where you can enjoy some amazing panoramas.

The ancient part of Panicale preserved very well its medieval aspect. The center, of oval form, is closed inside its massive boundaries. Inside there are three plazas and few tiny streets. Take a seat in the plaza and enjoy the calm and the peace of this place.
Walking along the alleys of the center it seems to live in the medieval age.

In Panicale there are some beautiful churches, for example the Church of “San Sebastiano” where you can admire the frescos of Perugino, one of the most important Umbrian painters.
If you have the possibility, visit the Caporali theatre, small, but really fascinating.

Panicale belongs to the organization “The most beautiful Italian Suburbs” and was honoured with an orange flag (symbol of excellence) by the Italian Touring Club.

We wish you a good visit to Panicale!