Paciano, is situated on the slopes of the Petrarvella Mountain, just few kilometres far from our country house.

The historical centre is surrounded by the imposing boundaries of the village, where you can enter from three doors: Fiorentina, Perugina and Porta Rastrella.

The ancient documents show that Paciano, inside its own boundaries already existed during the first years of the 14th century. The centre preserve its medieval aspect in optimal way, very few things were modified during the centuries.

From Paciano you can enjoy a marvellous panorama that leans out on the Trasimeno valley. In Paciano there are also five churches and one of these is open every day for visits.
During your walk you will also find a typical ancient public well and the museum “La Banca della memoria” located in Palazzo Baldeschi, where are exposed many objects that shows the way of living of the Lake Trasimeno’s inhabitants and where are organized different didactic laboratories and meetings with the intent to exchange experiences and knowledge. Inside the building there is also the town library, a reading room, an internet point and a space for the consultation of the database so that everyone can analyze the principal themes of the museum.

Visit this marvellous village and admire its town square where the life of this small, calm and beautiful medieval hamlet is still continuing without stopping!

Paciano is another ideal place from where you can go trekking or take a walk to reach the Petrarvella and the Pausillo Mountain.

We wish you a good visit to Paciano!