Today we want to introduce you to a true speciality of our zone, the Fagiolina del Trasimeno.
This small legume grows only in Umbria, in the proximities of the Lake Trasimeno!

The Fagiolina del Trasimeno has a thin peel and a delicate taste, its seeds are of different colors and it doesn’t need to be dunk into water before cooking. This legume is very ancient, it is cultivated in the small agricultural firms and has few growers, that’s why its production is handmade and you cannot find it in the supermarkets. You can find it only in the gastronomic shops, in the open-air markets that sell typical products or directly in the small agricultural firms that cultivate it. Nowadays it is a Slow-Food presidia.

The Fagiolina del Trasimeno can be simply served after it is boiled in the salted water with only a drop of extra virgin olive oil. Obviously you can also use it to prepare other foods, such as bruschette, soups, ravioli and different types of pasta.We propose you a simple recipe…

Fagiolina del Trasimeno 400-500 g
1 clove of garlic
a bit of onion, carrot, celery
extra virgin olive oil
salt, pepper

Boil the Fagiolina in salty and hot water. Prepare the sauté with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, onion, carrots and minced celery. Mix the boiled Fagiolina with the sautè and add some cooking water. Continue to cook it still few minutes and add salt and pepper. If you like the spicy taste, we also suggest you to add some chili pepper (or if you prefer, a spoon of tomato puree).

Serve it well warm and with a drop of extra virgin olive oil.