The “La Valle” natural reserve is located in San Savino (between Magione and San Feliciano) and it belongs to the Regional Park of the Trasimeno Lake.

It is a strategic location along the flyways of many bird species distinctive of wetlands and coming from the North Europe.

On the waters of the Lake Trasimeno there is a wooden footbridge 600 meters long that borders the reed bed and ends with an observatory for the bird-watchers and the possibility of using the 40 binoculars and telescope of the reserve. The visitors can observe the typical flora and fauna of the lake and every Saturday morning it is possible to participate to the bird ringing.

For small groups are organized guided tours with audio guides (in Italian and English), all it takes is to arrive at the visiting center, also without booking.

In the garden of the natural reserve you can admire many beautiful flowers such as water lilies.

At the entrance of the natural reserve “La Valle” there is a visiting center, where is possible to see the exhibitions that tell the naturalistic history of the zone and the results of the census and the bird ringing. The visit is preceded by an explanation about the Lake Trasimeno’s morphology.

The center is an important information point for all the visitors and also for the researchers and for the University of Perugia.

Guided tours are organized for every type of school, this is why it is an interesting place where you can bring your children.

Visiting the “La Valle” natural reserve give you the opportunity to take a beautiful walk around the Trasimeno Lake and to feel its history and the importance that it has on the surrounding population’s life.